Forging Opportunity

The Middle East and Central Asia are open for business. These two regions present tremendous opportunities for investors from Afghanistan’s minerals sector, to building out telecommunications networks, to developing a natural gas field in Kazakhstan, to reconstituting Iraq’s industrial and financial sectors. These investments not only yield attractive returns, they also add value in-country: creating jobs, developing local economies, and fostering important relationships between East and West.

But the challenges of doing business in these markets are real. Local governments may refuse to grant required permits, or arbitrarily impose fees. Working with the wrong local partners can derail a project and result in reputational damage. A lack of familiarity with the local economy can result in bad decisions about where to headquarter or what product mix to introduce. And foreign investors run the risk of failing to adequately prepare for security challenges or neglecting cultural sensitivities, thereby inadvertently alienating local counterparts.

Ensuring Success

Founded by Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations, Gryphon Partners (GP) provides a range of services for U.S., European, and other international companies that seek to do business in the Middle East and Central Asia.

GP’s team has unparalleled experience and access in the Middle East and Central Asia. GP identifies opportunities and controls risk. Its experienced team can:

  • Report key insights on political and economic trends, and opportunities in specific sectors.
  • Identify and vet local business partners, local attorneys, and local accountants, and provide other forms of transaction support.
  • Negotiate business terms with local partners, generate strong local-buy in, and troubleshoot when problems arise.
  • Identify sources of capital to finance projects